A Specialized Wealth Management Approach for Corporate Executives

There’s often a sense of security around company stock, but equity compensation still needs to be managed, tax has to be mitigated and diversification often presents a unique challenge – executives rarely have the time or the means to keep it all organized.

That’s why we developed comprehensive wealth planning services for executives that incorporate benefits planning and strategy.

Equity compensation is just one aspect of your financial picture, but it can be a powerful driver of your overall financial well-being. That’s why we start by demystifying your corporate benefits package and understanding its function in the context of your broad financial goals.

Courtney Jones CFP®
Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor

How do you manage a concentrated position?

This is one of the most common financial questions that executives face. When a significant portion of your invested assets are held in RSUs or other forms of equity compensation through your employer, often a strategic plan is needed to work toward greater diversification. Through custom diversification plans, we define the steps that will help you maximize the value of your company stock, while reaching a level of overall diversification that aligns with your risk tolerance, retirement plans and other goals.

Your diversification plan can include:

Aligning your diversification plan with your retirement timeline
Managing diversification in light of your overall risk management needs
Strategies to mitigate both tax and risk over time
Building a consolidated investment strategy around your individual goals

Creating a Working Strategy for Retirement

For many executives, there are several unknowns that complicate retirement –the tax implications of your equity compensation, questions around liquidity andtiming, and how your cash flow will adapt to changes in lifestyle.

We work with executives to design and implement comprehensive retirement strategies that include:

Implementing tax and risk management strategies for pre- and post-transition
Designing and managing a consolidated investment strategy
10b5-1 plans and Rule 144 trades to help manage your stock options strategically
Planning retirement income sources while monitoring Required Mandatory
Distributions (RMDs)

Are your family priorities reflected in
your financial strategy?

By consolidating and organizing your finances, we help provide the clarity and direction to make strategic decisions for your short-term needs as well as the long-term priorities of your family. We work with executives and their families, and coordinate with professional partners like accountants and estate attorneys, to work toward family wealth goals.

Our family wealth management services include:

Defining goals and priorities for the rising generation and your family legacy
Education planning for children or grandchildren
Gifting highly appreciated stock or creating a donor-advised fund
Working with accountants, estate planners and attorneys to align your
estate strategies

Financial Wellness for Your Company’s Leaders

By introducing a financial wellness program into your company’s culture, you can provide key employees with not only corporate benefits and retirement plans, but also the resources to implement and manage them properly. This helps ensure that your senior managers and high-level executives can experience the full value of the benefits you provide them.

We work with businesses and corporations to provide:

Financial wellness programs tailored to your company’s needs
One-to-one guidance and planning for high-level stakeholders
Strategies to boost engagement, retention and recruitment

Have a specific question about your company’s benefits or retirement program?

We’ve worked with many of the largest corporations in the Bay Area. We know the ins and outs of their programs and we’re happy to give you an objective opinion.

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